AFL Lockers


The locker rooms at Sydney Swans HQ will be special places, steeped in history. They are rooms where rituals are created and the past is honoured.

Each locker in the AFL changeroom is adorned with the names of those players whose impact on the Bloods is enduring.

Don’t miss your chance to have your name etched alongside the greats both past, present and future.

Locker sponsorship is $5,000 for a one-year term.
2 years = $10,000
3 years = $15,000
4 years = $20,000
5 years = $25,000

Locker donations greater than one year can be pledged over multiple years. 

Your name will be on your AFL locker in two locations in the current SCG locker room, and the new Sydney Swans HQ locker room for the duration of your pledged period. 

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